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Thursday’s Coffee Clicks (2.3.11)

March 3, 2011

Here’s what we’re sipping on this morning:

  • Do you ever get weirded out by networking? Does the word itself make your cringe a little? You’re not alone. Passive Panda delivers a must-read article on how to network correctly and come off as a genuine, trustworthy person.
  • Hey look! A Coffee Click for bloggers! WordPress 3.1 launched this week, giving one of the Web’s most powerful blogging tools a lot more flexibility. Check out all the exciting new features here.
  • “The millennial generation is a generation that is just more interested in making a difference than making a dollar.” Do you agree? Or is young workers’ growing interest in nonprofits just a product of the recession?
  • So, you prepared and prepared for your interview. But did you follow through? Forbes blogger Susan Adams says it’s essential — even if you think you bombed.

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