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New Study Reveals the Importance of High School Internships

February 4, 2014

The labor market in recent years has become increasingly competitive for young professionals. Many students today are graduating from college only to find themselves unemployed or underemployed. High school students have caught on to this trend and are starting to build careers early on in their lives to help avoid this.

In a study conducted along side Millennial Branding, we found the importance of career development activities–like internships and volunteering–to be hugely important for high school students who want to get into a better college or find future employment. The study further reveals that high school students have a higher rate of entrepreneurial aspirations than college students and begin thinking about internships before even applying to colleges. Why are high school students thinking about internship? They want to gain new skills and work experience, and are looking for mentorship/networking opportunities.

Employers are on board with the high school internship trend as well—50% of employers  are currently accepting applications from high school students or plan to start an internship program this year. Additionally, 90% of companies agreed that completing high school internships could give those students a competitive advantage when looking for a college internship or full-time time job, and could influence acceptance into a better college. When recruiting high school interns, companies are interested in their interview performance, academic performance, and their references.

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