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Five awesome summer internships you can still apply for

May 2, 2011

The United Nations

Think all the cool summer internships are taken? U.N. Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon begs to differ. (Photo: Steve Cadman)

By Alex Braun

Yes, it’s late in summer internship hunting season. Later than the average time slot for a Charles Bronson movie. Later than Bin Laden’s housewarming gift.

And yet, despite the feeding frenzy that has occurred over the last few months, there are still tremendous summer opportunities to be had out there. Here are five particularly eye-catching internships I pulled from our list of new postings  for April.

Associate Web Developer, The United Nations

Deadline: May 5

If you have an interest in world affairs, it’s hard to imagine a more impressive and exciting moniker gracing the Previous Experience section of your resume, other than maybe “Galactic Empire” or “Masters of the Universe.” In this particular position, you will not be negotiating trade pacts or arms reduction treaties, but you will be designing interfaces that the whole world will use. Bonus points: Your workplace is the iconic New York City headquarters my generation knows best from its appearance in Gunblade.

Public Relations, Ultimate Fighting Championship

Deadline: None, but program is from May 16 – Aug. 16

Very infrequently do we actually come out and describe one of our internships as “badass,” but this is one of those scenarios. UFC’s summer PR internship program gives you a chance to draft press releases, schedule interviews for the league’s elite fighters and assemble the information used in media coverage of UFC fights, among other things. By the way, you work within walking distance of the Las Vegas Strip.  Hurry up, though — if it’s not too late already, it’s probably very close.

Digital Distribution Intern, NBCUniversal

Deadline: May 13

If you’re into the business side of making films, this internship should give you one of the best up-close experiences you can get. NBCUniversal is one of the world’s top entertainment companies, and here you’ll have the chance to forge relationships between a number of different divisions — from Home Entertainment to Focus Features. L.A. can be a bit pricey (take it from me), but this internship is full-time, Monday through Friday and paid. It’s reserved for MBA students, though.

Communications/Legal Internship, U.S. Department of Justice (Civil Division)

Deadline: May 13

Some people are brought to justice. If you land this internship, you’ll have the privilege of commuting there. This prime D.C. internship is for the Civil Division of the DoJ, which the listing describes as “the government’s law firm.” Interns handle congressional mail and review litigation for the federal government, and it looks like a great way for those with an interest in government to get their foot in the door.

Graphic Designer, Seventeen Magazine

Deadline: None specified

There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing your work will be perused in the waiting room of every hair salon in America. If you’ve got chops as a graphic designer and can also sketch well by hand, The Hearst Corporation wants to meet you. You might even get to assist with a photo shoot or two.

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