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New Blog Feature: Highlight any text for more info

June 9, 2011

Apture 'Learn More' feature

Now you can highlight any text on Eye of the Intern you'd like to learn more about.

By Alex Braun

This morning, we added an important new piece of functionality to Eye of the Intern that should make learning about careers and internships much easier.

Want more explanation about a company, a phrase or a term you’re unfamiliar with? Just highlight the text that interests you, and hover your mouse over the “Learn More” box. You’ll see a small pop-up box that links to a relevant Wikipedia page and several other articles on the topic you’ve chosen. It’s kind of like having footnotes for Shakespeare (not that I’m comparing my posts to King Lear).

Apture displays WIkipedia info

After you hover your mouse on 'Learn More,' a small screen will pop up with explanations from Wikipedia and other websites.

You can also share our articles with friends straight from the browser bar, without ever having to leave our site Facebook or Twitter. It’s one less interruption to your reading, but we thought you’d appreciate it.

For all you bloggers out there who’d like to try it out on your own site, head over to (the plugin is free). You might also want to compare it to the somewhat similar (and also free) Wibiya.

Happy reading!

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