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Campus Socialite Presents: This Week in Social Media

August 5, 2011

campussocialite Campus Socialite presents: This Week in Social Media (7.29.11)

The dudes from The Campus Socialite are back with the latest on tech and social media news affecting college students, including a new Missouri law that would take student-teacher Facebook friending from just awkward to illegal.

Facebook FriendBy Matt Schoenman

Missouri to Outlaw Student/Teacher Facebook Friendship

I don’t understand why most students would want to be friends with their teachers anyway. Unless she’s young and hot, I rather keep my life separate, thank you very much. But the increase in awkward student/teacher relations is probably the reason why the Missouri Senate is attempting to pass a bill that forbids that boundary from being crossed.

Skype For iPad

Just thought all you privileged iPad owners should know, it just got a whole lot easier to video chat on your tablet. Skype finally released its new app for the iPad, which works just like its iPhone counterpart, except with the added ability to message during video calls.

Android Nears 50% of Global Smartphone Market

That’s right. Most of my friends might still have iPhones or BlackBerrys, but it’s good to know that I’m in the majority with my good ol’ Android.  According to a report from the firm Canalys , Google’s mobile platform captured 48% of the smartphone market in the second quarter. Android users, rejoice!

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