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Campus Socialite presents: This Week in Social Media (7.29.11)

July 29, 2011

campussocialite Campus Socialite presents: This Week in Social Media
By Matt Schoenman

The dudes from The Campus Socialite are back with the latest on tech and social media news affecting college students, including the latest version of BBM, Groupon’s entry to Foursquare and two huge numbers from Apple.

Blackberry Messenger

Your BBM convos are probably not this stilted, but you get the idea.

BBM 6 Gets Social

Today, Blackberry released a new version of BBM, which aims to make the messaging service more social – letting users send video and invite their friends to play games through it. Of course, this means absolutely nothing for iPhone and Android users, who now make up the majority of the market, and have endless alternatives to BBM. Sorry, RIM.

Apple Now World’s Top Smartphone Vendor

I thought this was an appropriate segue. The geniuses at Apple are now the world’s largest smartphone vendor by volume, with an 18% market share, according to Strategy Analytics. They have a $75.9 billion cash reserve, which means they have now surpassed the US government in balance. Oy vey.

Groupon and Foursquare Team Up for Real-Time Deals

When Foursquare first added daily deals into their Explore tab, Groupon was noticeably absent among a list that included its main competitor, LivingSocial. Well no more! Starting today, Foursquare users in the US and Canada will start to see daily deals from the group buying giant popping up when they explore. With GrouponNow’s location-based deals now being integrated into Foursquare, group buying should get a lot more interesting.

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