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The Campus Tycoon Presents: This Week in Social Media (May 5-12)

May 13, 2011

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Each week, we check in with The Campus Socialite for a roundup of the latest in tech news affecting college students. This week, they examine Groupon’s new service for concert tickets, a new way to settle debts with friends and Pepsi’s gift-sending vending machine.

LiveNation and Groupon logosBy Matt Schoenman

Groupon and LiveNation Team Up

The summer concert season might get a little bit cheaper. Groupon and LiveNation have announced that they plan on teaming up to form GrouponLive, where strangers and friends can come together to buy concert tickets as a group, and get a substantial discount in return. If that isn’t perfect for music-loving college students who are hard-pressed for money, I don’t know what is.

Got Mooching Roommates? Make Them Pay Up With PayDivvy

This new site, which just launched yesterday, is the solution to all of your “friends without money” problems. There’s at least one in every house: a friend who blows all of his or her money on partying and nonsense and is left with an empty bank account by the time the first of the month rolls around. Then someone has to spot him the money. After that, it becomes a huge hassle to keep track of who owes whom what. Well, allows you to split and pay bills between friends and family, so the inevitable fights that occur over money are a thing of the past.

Pepsi’s Social Vending Machine

Pepsi Co. has announced the creation of a new vending machine with a touchpad and Internet access. Using the built-in screen, you can buy yourself a drink, send a drink to a friend or stranger via text message, or redeem a drink sent to you by a friend. Pepsi is just one of many companies trying to integrate social media into their business. Will this idea pan out for the soda producer? We just have to wait and see, but at least they’re trying.

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