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The Campus Tycoon presents: This Week in Technology

April 15, 2011

campussocialite The Campus Tycoon: This Week in Social Media

Our friends at The Campus Socialite just dropped by (virtually, of course) to tell us about three exciting tech stories affecting college students this week: a next-gen gaming platform, a tweeting shoe and the latest on the mythical white iPhone.

Nintendo logoBy Matt Schoenman

Nintendo’s Big Announcement

So you may already know about the portable Nintendo 3DS, the world’s first 3D gaming system, but you probably didn’t know this: Nintendo just announced that they will be revealing a new console at the E3 2011 conference. It is believed to be the Wii’s HD brother, which will contend with the newly rejuvenated Xbox 360 Kinect, and Playstation 3 Move. Until then, Nintendo is slashing prices on the Wii, so if you have an extra $150 from selling your books, now would be the time to invest in one of the world’s best procrastination tools.

Reebok ZigtechReebok Exploits Peer Pressure To Get You Moving

If you’re the proactive type of college student (let’s be honest, there aren’t too many) then maybe this is for you: Reebok is releasing an app that supports the marketing of their new ZigTech running shoe. What does the app do? It lets your friends on Twitter and Facebook know when you’ve completed your daily/weekly/monthly run, whatever the case may be. But there’s one feature that sets it apart from similar apps made by Nike and Adidas – it also tells your friends if you don’t complete your run. They will then proceed to call you a quitter, and rag on you until you do run. I’m not sure if social pressure is the healthiest way to get people to exercise, though …

White iPhone 4Elusive White iPhone is Not a Myth

Thar she blows! In March, Apple confirmed the existence of the white version of the iPhone 4, and said it would have a spring release date. Now, it seems like the few remaining aesthetic problems have been solved, and the timeframe for its release has been shortened to just a matter of weeks. The device is going to be released for both Verizon and AT&T. While its timing is questionable with the upcoming release of the iPhone 5, the white iPhone 4 seems like its more of a testing ground for whether it’s financially worth it to make its successor in two colors — a decision that could prove to make or break the next iPhone.

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