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Company Spotlight: Bring Organics Back

March 27, 2014

Karen Cherry, with Bring Organics Back, shares the company’s history:

Bring Organics Back was founded in January 2010. It is owned and managed by Celebrity Chef Chad Cherry and his wife, Karen Cherry. Chef Cherry first became interested in the culinary industry because of a, near fatal, health issue. He developed diabetes and was admitted to the hospital for several weeks. After his release from the hospital, he found it difficult to balance his busy corporate life with his new medical regimen, and quickly resigned. Chef set out on a journey to find a way to rid himself of the use of insulin. He was successful when he learned to change his diet and lower his stress level.

After quitting his corporate job, Chef Cherry spent the next couple years owning one of the first organic restaurants in the design district in Miami, FL where he received numerous accolades and worked with many celebrities, including President Barack & Michelle Obama, staff of CSI Miami, the Kardashians, Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres and rap artists Trina and Ace Hood.

Bring Organics Back was formed directly as a result of Chef Cherry’s realization that it is not enough that only celebrities and the wealthy have access to healthier gourmet meals. The company provides high quality food at affordable prices through daily meal delivery, weight loss meal plans, private and executive catering. However, we are more than just a food business because we put just as much emphasis on educating the public on healthier eating through cooking demonstrations, cooking classes, seminars and motivational speaking.

What’s it like to work with Bring Organics Back?

Karen: Working with our organization is never dull and always fulfilling. We are not a traditional company, in the sense that we don’t have financial backing or investors. Although we have been in business for 4 years, we have not always had every tool at our disposal. What this means is that one of our company principles is to “think outside the box” when looking for solutions to problems. It has made us a stronger and more versatile company.
We welcome interns and firmly believe that they will reap the benefits of working with us because they will have an opportunity to be creative. We have boundaries, but we believe in collaboration. Interns will have the freedom to share their ideas and create processes, sometimes on a blank canvas. The possibilities for growth are endless.

Are there any fun facts about Bring Organics Back?

-We are on the verge of unveiling our company to the world…we have multiple TV appearances on the horizon.

-Chef Chad & Karen Cherry and their children believe so wholeheartedly in the mission and success of the company that they spent a whole year being homeless while they invested every dollar they made back into the business (we slept in our car and commercial kitchen, our children stayed with family members)

-We bump music (very loudly) in our kitchen every day while we are preparing our meals

If you are interested in interning with Bring Organics Back, click here, and check them out on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Chef Chad’s Instagram and Karen’s Instagram.

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