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Company Spotlight: Chai Diaries

April 3, 2014

Ami Bhansali, Founder of Chai Diaries, shares the company’s history:

Ami: Chai Diaries is found on the principle of “going after your dreams” – to take the risk, make the jump, be the person you are in your little black diary! The company was officially launched in January 2012 at the Winter Fancy Food Show (San Francisco). Tea allows for a journey into the soul, like the writings in your own personal journal….

What’s it like to work with Chai Diaries?
Ami: Based in Pico Rivera, California our office is located within our warehouse. So you smell tea, have tea and sell tea! It’s a great relaxed environment with people from diverse backgrounds!

Are there any fun facts about the company?
We like our inside being as good as the outside!

If you are interested in interning with Chai Diaries, click here, and check them out on their website and on Facebook.

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