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Company Spotlight: Hannah's Treasure Chest

June 26, 2014

Hannah’s Treasure Chest operates to enrich the lives of children in need. As a conduit for basic necessities–clothing, shoes, equipment, book, and toys–the organization has been steadily evolving in size, scope, and structure since its founding in 2001.

Brittany Miller, Volunteer Liaison for Hannah’s Treasure Chest, shares the company’s history:

The idea for Hannah’s came when its founder saw that friends and coworkers were more than willing to share their gently used baby and children’s items with those who could use them, but not afford them. During that first year of operation, Hannah’s distributed 2,898 items of clothing, furniture, and toys through two partners. Today, Hannah’s occupies an 8,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility and employs two staff members. Warehouse responsibilities are supervised and staffed by more than 60 core volunteers. Hannah’s Treasure Chest collaborates with 55+ partner agencies in Butler, Greene, and Montgomery Counties in Ohio. Each year, roughly 7,000 children are served by Hannah’s.

What is it like to work with Hannah’s Treasure Chest?

Brittany: I have the pleasure of just beginning my internship here at Hannah’s and I already feel like part of the family. Our community of volunteers and staff are so welcoming to anyone who finds themselves at our doorsteps. Everyone is a valuable part of the Hannah’s team–not just an undervalued cog in a machine; and though we all have our different roles, we each work together and assist each other as we work toward the same goal. The experience and skills I’m gaining have already proved invaluable–and it has all come from throwing myself into a project, even though I still have many uncertainties. I’ve always believed that we learn best by doing and experiencing, and this is the kind of real-world experience that you will not get in a textbook.

Are there any interesting facts about Hannah’s Treasure Chest?

Brittany: 90% of our donations are provided by families who enjoy knowing that their outgrown items are helping other families in the local area. Over the past three years, more than 1,500 children per year have received gifts from Hannah’s Giving Angels program. Plus, Hannah’s has an organization chart specifically for our awe-inspiring group of volunteers, who have organized themselves into teams to ensure that each project or task is covered.

Thanks Brittany! If you are interested in interning with Hannah’s Treasure Chest, they’re hiring interns. You should also check out their website and follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter.

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