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Company Spotlight: Heartland Truly Moving Pictures

February 27, 2014

Tim Irwin, Artistic Director at Heartland Truly Moving Pictures, shares the company’s history:

Heartland Truly Moving Pictures, Inc. (Heartland) was incorporated under the laws of the State of Indiana as a private, not-for-profit arts organization and commenced operations in 1990. Heartland’s mission is to inspire filmmakers and audiences through the trans-formative power of film.

Heartland believes that film can do much more than just entertain audiences. Film has the power to inspire people to positive action, or to change their perspectives on the world around them. We recognize and honor films that accomplish this goal; we share them with audiences and support the filmmakers who craft them.

Tell us a little bit about Heartland.

Tim: Maximizing film’s potential to change the way audiences see and interact with the world calls for action on multiple fronts. Heartland has responded in a variety of ways:
Heartland Film Festival – Heartland brings the world to Indianapolis each October during the 10-day Heartland Film Festival. Screening over 100 films each year and welcoming filmmakers from around the globe, the Festival provides a unique opportunity for audiences to interact with the filmmakers whose work engages, educates and inspires.
Heartland Roadshow – Year-round community screenings allow the organization to share Heartland films with audiences throughout the year. We partner with nonprofits, community organizations, businesses and schools to bring inspiring films to the community.
Heartland Institute – The Heartland Institute, through initiatives such as the High School Film Competition, provides schools and youth organizations with tools they can use to achieve their educational, leadership and character development goals.
Truly Moving Picture Award – Throughout the year Heartland honors select theatrically-released films with the Truly Moving Picture Award. Our award seal is a signal to audiences across the country that a particular film has the power to do more than just entertain—it has the power to make a positive impact on its audience.

What’s it like to work with Heartland?

Tim: There’s a lot of work to do narrowing down over 1,500 films from all over the world into the best 130 that we will showcase at the 2014 Heartland Film Festival! Some of the work is fun (watching movies, talking about movies, eating candy) and some of it is necessary (cataloguing the intake of film submissions, keeping track of screening committees), but doing it all in a fun, active team environment makes even the craziest days rewarding.

Are there any fun facts about Heartland?

Tim: In 2013 we received 1,521 film submissions from 76 countries, and ended up showing over 130 of them at the 2013 Heartland Film Festival, where we hosted special guests like Vanessa Hudgens and Geoffrey Rush. The internships can run all the way from February through October, offering a unique look into the entire life cycle of a major film festival. Going into our 23rd Festival, we have a lot of history behind us and a lot of history in the making, in 2014 and beyond.

If you are interested in interning with Heartland Truly Moving Pictures, click here, and check out on Facebook, Twitter, and on their blog.

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