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Company Spotlight: NewTress

August 20, 2013

NewTressNewTress, a new socially oriented beauty firm, is a premier provider of 100% Filipino and Brazilian human hair. NewTress has researched and developed its line of products to retail only 100% authentic human hair. All products are tested for the highest quality and are certain to enhance a woman’s tress. Newtress aims for a higher standard of beauty.

Sallie Handon, owner of NewTress, shares the company’s history:

NewTress began in January of 2013, after current Creative Director, Shadeeka Campbell had decided that she wanted to find a way to help cancer patients, particularly children, who had no hair and thus could not find their true beauty. However, after a while, it became clear that to help them she would need to partner with someone who could develop a firm and thus NewTress was born. Our inside motivation is that every woman should have a chance to show their true beauty, radiating from inside to out. The goal is that when the company begins to be profitable, we can form relationships with charities to provide wigs to women in need.

What’s it like to work at NewTress?

Sallie: NewTress tries to be very flexible, thus the company is handled entirely digitally. The greatest part of our working environment is our employees feel right at home, as they are either in their home or office. Our interns to this point have been treated very much like full time employees. They are not interns, but valuable members of a team and their ideas and contributions are openly accepted and heard, particularly when they can generate revenue for our cause. Interns such as Julie and Carla have had a tremendous impact on corporate culture and sometimes we feel as though our interns are our strongest asset and drivers of growth.

NewTress TeamAre there any fun facts about NewTress?

Sallie: When Creative Director, Shadeeka Campbell, goes to handle one of her creative projects she likes to find ways to get the whole team involved. Where as most fashion firms will not have interns pitching in with photo shoots or creative projects, particularly from the planning and management perspective, we want our interns to lead the charge!

If you are interested in interning with NewTress, click here or here and check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Also, check out NewTress’s Blog.

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