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Building Your Business Acumen and Specialized Skills Through An Online MBA Program

June 18, 2014

Want to take your career to the next level? A flexible, online MBA program with Concordia University, St. Paul is a great way to build your business acumen and specialized skills while still fulfilling current work and family obligations. An advanced business degree can give you the edge over your peers as you continue in your career and is applicable to almost every industry.

We chatted with a few of the MBA students at Concordia University, St. Paul. about their decision and experience attending an online university. See what they had to say about the benefits of receiving an MBA below: What had the greatest influence on your decision to pursue an advanced degree?
Jen Kiefer: The economy along with my own personal goals are the reasons that I have decided to continue my business education. There is a strong demand for business students. By having a MBA this will help contribute towards becoming a stronger leader within the business industry.

There are so many options when it comes to selecting a program – what most influenced your decision to attend Concordia University, St. Paul?
Jen: Cost, Program Flexibility and GMAT Score were the concerns for me when looking at what school to attend. The cost at Concordia was comparable to other universities within Minnesota. I then looked at what flexible programs were offered for those students that were looking for a MBA but needed to work full time. Concordia offered a strong program that allows me to attend the school online but still has a large amount of flexibility. The final feature that was the overall decision maker for me was they do not require the GMAT score in order to be accepted into the program. If you can provide other reasons for consideration Concordia looks at those and are just as important as one test. This was huge for me as I feel they are allowing those with large amount of experience into the program as well.

What benefits, if any, have you experienced as a result of choosing to enroll in the online MBA program at Concordia?
Jeff Gunter: I was concerned about starting my higher education many years after graduating from high school. My interactions with fellow cohort members and faculty were beneficial in relieving those concerns. But the greatest benefit was that the program allowed me to advance my education while working full time.

Have the lessons been practical, what’s one way you’ve applied concepts learned in class to your career?
Jeff: I have used course concepts to be a better business manager, and to rewrite department policies and procedures, which allowed my department to achieve state certification through the Idaho Chief of Police Association.

What do you think creates a quality academic experience? Has Concordia’s program succeeded in providing a quality experience for you?
Jeff: I feel a quality academic experience is one where each student is given a supportive environment to learn and explore topics of interest to them and their career choice. CSP has more than succeeded my expectations. The instructor’s encouraged the application of academic learning to each student’s chosen industry.

How did you maintain a balance between work, your Concordia courses, family and other demands on your time?
Jeff: The on line learning program is structured so you could plan ahead for academic assignments. Throughout the program, chat days and times stayed the same. The syllabus outlined in detail expectations, and was available well in advance of the start of class. It is easy to fall into a consistent routine. I was even able to go out of the country on vacation, and still participate because I knew exactly what was expected and when.

What aspects of your education experience at Concordia have had the greatest impact on your personal and professional life?
Awah Foncha: My education experience so far has given me the opportunity to meet and network with other business professional with same goals as myself. I know ultimately the degree will pay off professionally for me as I look to grow with my company. I am planning on going on a trip to China through Concordia in the spring—that experience alone will be a great experience for me both professionally and personally.

How did the availability of aid and the overall affordability of the program affect your ability to attend Concordia?
Awah: I researched a few programs before deciding on the program with Concordia, it was affordable and I had access to financial aid so that was a plus.

If you had it to do over again, would you invest in your education with Concordia?
Awah: I would do it all over again! The education is top notch all my professors have been amazing and easy to work with. The folks in my cohort are great and we all are working hard towards the same goal!

Learn more about the flexible, online MBA program at Concordia University, St. Paul.

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