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Dressing light and trendy for a summer internship

May 3, 2011

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Work It! is a series focusing on workplace wardrobe and fashion.  Each week, we will feature a blogger offering their advice and answering your questions. Ellie Krupnick is a New York City fashion intern and writes a blog called Stuff We Love Blog (which you will love!). She’s also one of our Work It! fashion bloggers.

Ellie Krupnick, fashion intern

Ellie's warm weather internship outfit

By Ellie Krupnick

Hello, dear interns! I’m back with another post on internships, fashion, and getting dressed for fashion internships. This week was super warm, but shorts are almost always an office no-no (especially when it’s not really summer yet). Thus I constructed an outfit with loose, light pieces and quirky proportions— which helped add interest to my ensemble’s drab colors and my utter lack of jewelry. Sometimes it’s the unexpected details that make an outfit fun!

My cropped tee

A cropped tee is not only trendy, but is easy to wear when I’m doing schlepping and other such physical labor. Case in point: this week, I am busy unpacking boxes of our many samples that a certain store was using to decide on whether or not to buy the line. Now that they’ve sent the samples back, let’s hope they decide to pick up the line for next season!

My linen high-waist, drop-crotch pants

When I go on buying appointments with my boss, I want to wear a statement-making piece that communicates to the buyer that I know fashion. These sophisticated pants from France, with their unusual cut and brave proportions (let’s just say they do my hips no favors), say “Hello, high fashion.”

My oversized leather bag

When you work at a small start-up like I do, there’s a good chance you will have to bring your own computer to work everyday. This big bag fits my MacBook as well as all my girly things.

My rainbow striped chiffon scarf

I brightened up with otherwise plain-colored outfit with a pop of color on my purse! This Coach scarf is extra thin, making it perfect for tying around your head as a hippie-style headband or cinching on the strap of your bag.

My platform heels

Yes, these might look familiar… I wore them last time I posted an outfit! They remain my favorite internship shoe, as they are formal and chic with their high heels yet comfortable for trekking to appointments and carry heavy boxes around… and a subtle color that blends in with any outfit.

As summer grows near, I am wrapping up my internships. It is sad, but at least I have one great thing to look forward to: Summer fashion!

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