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Just Got Hired: Jacques Graham

May 4, 2014

Every week, we’ll feature new students who Just Got Hired by using They’ll share some fun facts about themselves and their new internship. Congratulations!

Just Got Hired

Intern Jacques Graham

Hired at Elite Consulting

Jacques is an Advertising and Marketing Communications major at Johnson and Wales University.

Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of your internship.
I am a quiet music lover from a loud family. Being a veteran taught me to never give up. I believe having someones back is more important than getting ahead.

What is your favorite part about your new internship?
I enjoy my internship because I am learning how to communicate with different types of people and how to manage myself and others.

How did help you land your internship? definitely helped me filter through all the internships that didn’t fit me and just focus on the ones that did.

Thank you Jacques for sharing your success story!

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