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I.M.H.O. with the Eternal Interns

December 20, 2010

I.M.H.O (In My Humble Opinion) is an ongoing series of posts written by guest authors who have been there, done that…and have great stories to show for it.

Eternal Interns is the blog of three talented, chic, fabulous, multi-lingual, over-educated, ambitious, twenty-something interns and their escapades at the most exclusive fashion, art, and entertainment houses in the City of Angels, the City of Lights and the Big Apple…

Being an Eternal Intern is not a job description. It is a way of life, a response to our circumstances. Had we graduated in 1998 instead of 2008,would things be different? Maybe. But instead of giving in,we had to get more creative, resourceful and determined in our approach to landing that dream career. So whether it is 2008, 2010 or 2020, the question at the end of the day is, “What exactly do you need to do to get closer to finding your dream job?' For us, it is intern, intern, intern!

While interning is a means to an end, it also allows for exciting adventures, invaluable learning experiences, exotic travel and the chance to foster relationships that will last a lifetime.

Take Rose for example. After a stint as a (paid) producer’s assistant, she has since reverted back to paid and unpaid internships in order to broaden her network while keeping one goal in sight: to become a producer herself.

Or Ophelia, who has taken her share of hits from catty fashionistas and spiteful editors. That said, she has no intention of surrendering until she signs her name on her first Letter from the Editor!

Flora’s experience spans several fields and multiple professions, yet she refuses to be pigeonholed into one career path. And why should she be?

If what is demanded of us has changed, shouldn’t we also demand more from our professions?

We are entering the work world at a time when careers are overlapping, titles are defined by the individual and if your dream job doesn’t exist, you can create it! So rather than lowering our expectations, we are broadening our horizons, dipping our toes in as many professional pools as we can, learning that every skill (yes, even fetching coffee…) has value and above all…recognizing that the greatest rewards come from big risks, hard work, bold dreams, and a pinch of luck.


Ophelia, Rose and Flora

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