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Intern Picks: Journalism Internships

August 6, 2014

Every day, our intern Chasen gets a sneak peek at all of the new internships being posted daily on Each week he’ll choose a theme and highlight a few of the new internships he thinks are cool/useful/interesting.

By Chasen Washington

Journalism internships are plentiful and varied, giving interns options in the field; however, I’d caution any intern from assuming all journalism internships are the same. It’s important for every intern, in every field of study, to find the right internship for him or herself.

Many journalism internships will offer editor or writing positions to interns so they can build content for the publication or site. This provides and excellent opportunity for an intern to refine his or her writing style and exhibit published talent in a portfolio. Some internships may require interns to spend a majority of time researching for other writers but this is just as valuable an experience. Research builds working knowledge of various topics which can supplement an intern’s experience creating a journalist with well-rounded commentary and flexible style. If a journalism internship interests you, check out the listings below!

Editorial Team Internship
C-Suite Quarterly in Woodland Hills, CA
Having covered some of the most important decision makers and thought leaders throughout the region for more than 6 years the C-Suite Quarterly network is powerful and profound. This internship offers the opportunity to demonstrate and further develop skills related to researching, interviewing, and writing copy to support the print magazine and online content. If you want to build a network as a journalist with leaders in the Los Angeles area, this internship is a fantastic way to do it. Apply Now!

Staff Writer
Gorley’s Magazine Virtual
Gorley’s is new online magazine that focuses on news, entertainment, opinion, and satire. They’re not trying to re-invent the wheel, but they are convinced that solid journalism and entertaining/interesting content still can generate a large audience. This is a great opportunity to learn how to build a brand at a budding publication. Apply Now!

Celebrity News Editor
E-Rock Entertainment in Totowa, NJ
E-Rock specializes in advertisement, marketing, and the best in night-life entertainment for performance venues. They need an editor for their blog featuring fashion, music, entertainment news, and all other topics that promote the “night-life” lifestyle. Apply Now!

Football Internship in Bloomington, IN
If you are a die-hard football fan and are seeking a sports related career, then I encourage you to try out for this BOWLJET internship. Last season BOWLJET interns that traveled to Florida dined with the players, sat in the front row at Capital One, feasted on great tailgate Bar-B-Q, and stayed at wonderful hotels. While this internship is a long-term commitment, it’s a fun way to network as a sports journalist. Apply Now!

Media Management Internship
JYRNO: The Journalist Network in Orlando, FL
If you like being on camera and can communicate well, this could be a great internship for you. Interns will run video channels and market the company through video series that is entirely self-produced. If you’ve every dreamed of being the face of a company or brand, this is your chance. Apply Now!

Search through more journalism internships here! What types of internships do you want us to highlight next week? Let us know in the comments, on our Facebook page, or through #myinternpick on Twitter.

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