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My Summer Internship as a High School Graduate

July 8, 2011

Today’s guest post comes from one of our very own interns! Be nice & leave her some comments 🙂


Unlike most people who just graduated high school who want to party and celebrate a new chapter by staying as far from work, my goal for the summer was an internship.  I was looking to get a head start on work and interning experience for college and eventually my career, perhaps making my four years at Indiana University a little less stressful.

Being the typical incoming freshman, I have no idea what I want to major in. So I set out for an internship to possibly make that decision and just college in general easier.  After attending a career expo at my school, I found one!  I currently intern with every Friday.  Thus far, I have gotten a taste for working and learning on the job, but I have more experiences to come I am sure.

I started three weeks ago, with a small internship.  This is the perfect amount to “dip my feet” in the whole interning business. I came expecting more grunt work and busy work; the stuff nobody else wanted to do but I was pleasantly surprised to find the opposite.  I expected less opportunities and responsibilities, just from the stereotype of internships.  I work in the social media department and I have been involved with facebook and twitter a lot.  I definitely enjoy “real” work a lot better, having done grunt work for the last three years as an office assistant at a print shop.

I’m hoping by the end of summer and my internship that I have a small step up in college– anything to help make the transition from high school to college easier.  Hopefully, I will have something to base my business classes and lessons off and also experience and more confidence in finding another internship for the next few summers.

Is anyone else a a recent high school grad, like Rebecca, who decided to spent their summer interning? Amazing if you are, we want to hear from you!

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