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My Internship Experience with

February 28, 2013

Mario Davis is a college student and current intern for 1SaleADay.

By Mario Davis

Internships provide one of the best ways to get involved and learn about a company. For three months, I have had the opportunity and privilege to develop my social media skills with the largest independently owned deal-a-day e-commerce website, 1SaleADay. I reported directly to the Social Media Manager, Anais Sori who created a learning regiment that covered my time as an intern.

The learning experience that I endured surpassed my expectations. For example, I would have never learned to use tools like Spredfast and Argyle Social on my own. Not only can I use these tools but I know how to use them effectively to engage with customers, represent a brand and interact with clients.

It doesn’t stop there! I also got the opportunity to put a promotion together for BensOutlet that attracted over 900 comments! It was an iPhone kickstand (shaped like a plunger) giveaway that got the audience excited. The promotion generated nearly 500 likes, 300 shares and close to 1,000 comments. I also got to make cold calls to prospects.

Another area I focused on was analytics. This was fun. Watching the numbers from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and Google Plus grow and decrease based on types of posts and engaging responses.

The 1SaleADay team was made up of professionals filled with fun and family-like personalities. My training always included assistance and my ability to grow never ceased. I can go on forever about the many good experiences I had.

There were also some learning curves that I experienced. For example, asking questions. I have always been a do it yourself “figure it out” type of guy so the communication was sometimes confused. Although this wasn’t a major issue because I have been working on it daily, had I been able to alter it sooner, it might have proven more productive.

Also, my habit to making decisions wasn’t always in line with my tasks. In other words sometimes I would make the wrong decision then try to fix it quickly. I have a habit to correct things as changes are needed and instead of taking time to breathe, look it over and make the changes… I jump right into the changes.

Otherwise, the experience has been a fun one and I know that the next intern will have just as memorable, a learning experience as I did with 1SaleADay!

Mario, thanks for taking the time to share this with us! Students, start searching for an internship now!

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