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April 12, 2011

Governoir's Office internship

Communications! I can do that!

By Alex Braun

Much like a bookmark in your browser,’s bookmarks let you keep track of things you’d like to come back to at a later time.

Let’s say you’re logged onto the site in the morning before class, and you’re just curious about what new internships went up the night before. You’d been thinking you might have to move to New York or California this summer, but the governor’s office in your hometown of Olympia, Wash. just posted a listing for a communications intern — cool!

It sounds like a competitive gig to get, so you definitely don’t want to rush this application. You also don’t want to forget it. Bookmarking keeps this entry saved in an easy-to-browse list, and there’s no risk of it getting lost if the URL changes (say the governor wants to rename the internship to include his full name). To bookmark, just click the gray bar to the right of the ‘Apply’ button.

To see your bookmarks, navigate to your Student homepage. (If you’re just logging into the site, you’ll be taken there automatically.) You can do this at any time by clicking on the “home” icon at the left of the green bar.

From there, find Bookmarks in the ‘My Internships’ box on the left side of your screen. When you open it up, you should see all your bookmarks, like so:'s bookmark feature

Now you can review your top-priority listings by clicking on each position title — or apply right from this screen.

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