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May 9, 2011

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By Alex Braun

Every so often, we’ll release some of the great things people have told us after they came here for help finding an internship. We always love going through our user feedback  — it reminds us why this work is important.

We asked our users: “Was our site helpful to you? Tell us why or why not.” Here are some of the answers:

Lauren, Millikin University
Interning at: The Red Bar Comedy Club

“Yes, it helped me find an internship for the summer! I’m really excited for it!”

Prill, Ithaca College
Interning at: Saxton Group

“It was incredible! Responses came flying in immediately and it was so easy to use!”

Miranda, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Interning at: ABC’s ‘One Life to Live

“Yes, without it I would have never known about the internship.”

Pena, St. John’s College
Interning at: Jambu Footwear

“I found the most amazing internship in  he world with Jambu Footwear in the marketing and social media department. My employer has been amazing to me and I have only been there three weeks, but I have learned so much. Taking six classes and working part time I didn’t really have time to go out door to door asking companies if they were hiring interns. This site made it easy for me and signing up for an account was the best decision I made this semester. Thank you!”

Tien-Yu, Duke University
Interning at: Aflac Insurance

Yes. I’ve applied for approximately 60 companies, and less than 10 of them responded. And most of them are ones that I applied on this website.

Interning at: Baby Gooroo

“It was extremely helpful. I recommend this site to anyone who’s looking for internships. The employers get back to you quickly and I just love this site now. Thank you,!”

Ryan, Ripon College
Interning at: Corelink Data Centers

“Yes, I thought the whole layout of the site is very useful.  Loved how everything is done step by step.  Also loved the Internship Predictor test.  Thought it was very useful in finding the right internship for me.  Thank you!”

Phillip, Geneva College
Interning at: Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Yes!!!!!!! The connection between students and employers is not matched any where else on the Internet. I applied for about 20 internships on here and got emails or calls from about six. Of those six, I got offers from two, and Enterprise is exactly what I was looking for. I love this site and every college student should use it. I probably come to this site twice a day just to see if new internships have been posted. Thank you so much for helping me jump start my career by connecting me with companies looking for interns.

Amy, Hope College
Interning at: The Taste of DC

“Yes! It gave me the opportunity to find and pursue a great summer internship. I cannot wait! :)”

Alex, Yeshiva University
Interning at: IMapData

“Your site was great! The internship I found through your site is really a perfect match. It is in a field in which I am looking to gain experience, the work day is interesting and exciting, and the pay is nice! Thanks!”

Christina, Iona College
Interning at: Manhattan Place Entertainment

“Although my internship did not come from this site, it provided me with ideas, tools and opportunity.”

Sneha, California State University — Chico
Interning at: Givvy

“Great customized and related search results and quick responses from employers and an easy-to-use interface with helpful suggestions and tips to improve your profile.”

Bui Thi Hien
Interning at: WellMax Realty

“Yes. It was super helpful. Thank you so much for your effort. I will have a great chance to intern in NYC. It is like a dream come true. Thank you.”

Leticia, New York University
Interning at: Levine Communications Office

“Yes, I found this amazing opportunity through this website! Thank you so much!”

Remember, if you get an internship after using — even if it wasn’t listed on our site — tell us how your search went by clicking on the ‘Just Got Hired’ button at the top of the Student page. We’d love to hear about ways we helped and ways we could have made things easier.

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