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June 30, 2011

sunnysidelogo4 Feedback from users who found internships on

By Synthia Salas

We love to hear your feedback – both the good and the bad, and we read it all! One of the ways we get it is through a “Just Got Hired!” button that asks if was helpful to their search, here’s what people had to say:

“Absolutely. I would not have known about the internship if it wasn’t for”

– Apryl, Texas A&M. Interning for Arts and Business Council of New York.

“Unlike other related websites, is where it is at! It has proven to be very helpful not only in finding internship opportunities, but also in getting hold of them. In my case, an employer was looking for potential candidates for their internship position on She said my resume stuck out, and would like to invite me for an interview. I immediately followed up with her, used’s resources (i.e., The Interview), and, after the interview, received an email from the employer saying that she would love to hire me! So thank you so much,!”

– Debbie, Loyola University Chicago. Interning at LifeStyle Physical Therapy and Balance Center.

“ is the real deal, because I got a job two days after I updated my profile. Thank you,”

– Stanley, University at Albany. Interning for Gotham Realty Services.

“It gave me a more inside look on what certain work places are looking for. So I enhanced my applying skills by going above and beyond what employers were looking for.”

– Amber, Utica College. Interning for Roosevelt Island Operation Corporation.

“Yes, because I can find local or virtual internships, which are manageable when unpaid.”

– Maria, CSU – Long Beach. Interning at The Marriage Foundation.

“Yes, it lead me to Mosaic, who contacted me and recruited me for a paid internal operations internship position in Dallas this summer.”

– Kaitlin, Loyola Marymount University. Interning at Mosaic.

“Your site was very helpful, not only to me, but to organizations that may not have the time to create websites and update them as may be needed. Thank you.”

– Megan (School Not Listed). Interning at Artists Rights Movement.

“ was critical for me landing my internship. This site is perfect for anyone who wants to manage, organize and control the process of finding the perfect opportunity.”

– Mike, Hofstra University. Interning at Krupp Communications.

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