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Let us show you how to Work It!

November 9, 2010


Do you spend more time freaking out about your belt selection than making the morning train? We’ve got something you’ll like. Work It! is our new series that we’ll be posting through Facebook for men and women’s fashion highlighting workplace style that’s personal, assertive, modern and professional.

Since we want this to be an interactive forum driven by YOUR questions, we’re encouraging readers to send in tips, ask style questions and even post pictures of outfits in our comments so we can share them with readers and give you our feedback. If you’re a frequent contributor, you might get invited to post guest blogs that go out to our entire user base.

On Work It!, we’ll post links to current articles on businesswear trends from some of the most influential blogs and professional fashion publications. We’ll also be breaking down some basic must-haves that can be paired, mixed and reinvented into a number of different outfits to save you money while keeping your wardrobe sharp. Additionally, we’ll be modeling and reviewing a wide variety of looks — from classic to cutting-edge to certifiably heinous.

This week, we debut with something for the politicos: advice from Capitol Hill Style on how to dress appropriately for a summer D.C. internship. Tell us if you think they nailed it—and let us know what topics YOU’d like to see covered in the coming weeks.

If you want to be the best dressed on your floor, follow Work It! and make it happen.

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