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My first blog post: Emily the Intern

January 16, 2010

Hello internship seekers!

As a student in this economy, the real world of having a career may seem like a distant or possibly unattainable future. That is why getting a leg up is more important than ever. While getting good grades is going to get you a degree, an internship will help you get a job after college.

Because of this, students all over the world participate in internships every year, trying to gain valuable work experience so that they can hit the ground running in their future career.

My name is Emily, and I am one of those interns.

To be more specific, I am an intern for (ironic, I know). This means not only am I in your shoes, but I’m also on the front lines of everything internship related.

I grew up in a small town in Central California, that most people have never heard of, and moved down to the San Fernando Valley to attend California State University, Northridge.

There was not much to do in my little town,so I spent the majority of my time reading and eventually,writing.

I was a three-year editor of my high school newspaper, culminating in a stint as Editor in Chief, and was awarded Journalist of the Year by the district as a senior.

I went on to join Los Angeles Pierce College’s newspaper as a sophomore, and served as managing editor in the fall semester, winning awards in both state-wide and regional competitions.

This is all good for my journalism resume, and it was these experiences that led me to the world of internships.

My first one was a paid public relations internship with a local skin and hair company. I had never done PR before, but I was thrown right in and did swimmingly in the end. It was a great experience to be touched on in a later post.

My second internship landed me here at I didn’t know what to expect but have been very pleased so far. It’s really exciting to work for a company that asks for and appreciates my insight and opinions, and encourages me to do what I do best: write.

I hope that our Web site, and my advice, will help you to land your own internship. Until next time, your career path is already laid out in front of you, you just have to know where to look.

-The Intern

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Thaianna Andrade February 2, 2012 at 5:45 pm

My name is Thaianna and I am an internship seeker! It seems harder to me once I am not a citizen. Any tips?


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