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The NBA Lockout is Over and AEG/Nike Are Hiring

November 26, 2011

Kobe is back to work... Let's hope NBA teams start hiring interns again too

Back in April, the NBA scrapped it’s 10-week summer internship program as one of the first ominous signs of an impending lockout. And while neither the NBA’s owners nor its player representatives could agree on a deal to bring basketball back from the dark side for nearly 5 months, it seems that a tentative agreement has been put into place early this morning and the NBA could just be back by Christmas Day.

Happy Holidays.

While the NBA will not only bring back hundreds of players and millions of fans, the league’s return should also kick-start the league’s internship program once again and bring back thousands of jobs (at stadiums, in team offices, etc.) that were seemingly lost during the lockout.

The good news? is here to help if basketball is in your blood, and you’re looking to break in to the highly competitive sports and entertainment industry.

Just this semester, AEG (owners of the Staples Center, LA Galaxy, LA Kings, as well as interests in the LA Lakers and other sports teams) posted a Nike Basketball 3 on 3 Internship for Spring 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. What an amazing opportunity – check it out by clicking here.

There are a number of basketball (and sports) related internships available on site at And if you’re a hardcore NBA fan, there’s nothing better than your favorite league returning from darkness to light – and an internship or part-time job to go with it!

Good luck in your internship search.

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