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Student Blogger: How I became a resume-building machine

February 22, 2011

Kelly Rogers

Most of you know that in today’s world, when employers look at your resume, they have the tendency to skip over your stellar GPA and go straight to your internship and professional experience.  I was quick to learn this last spring while applying for summer internships.  I was only a member of two communications-related organizations and a member of my sorority.  I knew I needed to get an internship, but I didn’t know if my resume would get my foot in the door.  My resume was pretty lackluster, but somehow I landed an interview and got the job as a marketing intern.

After a summer of self-actualization and the realization of how determined I am to land my dream job by May 2012, I knew one internship, two clubs and sorority membership wasn’t going to put my resume at the top of the stack. And that’s when I turned into a resume-building machine.

Since the beginning of this school year, I have obtained an internship with the American Advertising Federation’s local professional chapter here in Lafayette, Indiana, a promotions internship with a record company, the title of vice president at my sorority, a recruitment chair position in one of my academic clubs,a spot on Purdue’s Marketing and Media Advisory Board and this blogging position. You should do some research and see if any clubs you are a part of have professional chapters and need some extra help.

I took advantage of almost every e-mail forwarded to me about open internships or officer positions around campus.  While my evenings are usually spent in meetings,I’m obtaining work-related experience while also developing my leadership and decision-making skills.  What steps are you taking to improve your resume?

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