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Sweet Tweets

November 5, 2010

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@azadehg: disaster. phone banking pages got blown over by office man. interns running around picking them up… coke can spill. i love hate

@elecray7k: I send out letters asking to be hired as an intern that go: “blah blah blah college, entry level, PS WORKED AT A FORTUNE 500 COMPANY.”

@dross6: @gtricecakes Apparently they want an intern for 2 years. I thought that was called a job?

@MoMoneyMoPablum: Day 2: Told ex-intern/cubicle pal Young Sam my plan. Him: “Cool. Just don’t wuss out, wussy.” Never shoulda put him on salary. #Novembeard

@MattThomps: I am no longer an intern. My new title is Apprentice. It sounds cooler.

@Milbermann: needs a job…anyone need an intern?? will work for peanuts!

@Injury_Proned: You know it’s bad when your unpaid internship was one of the best parts of your summer

@jennybara: LOOOL feel like an intern getting lunch for the boss

@hobbesie: I just told my kidney stone story. Intern looks like he’s about ready to hurl.

@moses_says: @Mdsiminovsky Tell the people at your internship that you are a strict observer of No Shave November!

@wamitchell: Oh! It’s called the internet because it’s run mostly by interns.

@erova: Just had a hilarious wrong number from a DoE intern who dove right in asking me when oil tankers are considered full. Went on for 5 mins.

@AlexNeedham: Still got it. Just helped an intern calculate the mass of the earth. *fist pump*

@kevteljeur: @CailinCymraeg Interns: The Anonymous Redshirts of the office world.

@heysawbones: #tweetyour16yearoldself you will come to be very grateful for that graphic design internship.

@HaylsHenderson: “You don’t have any real work experience…” Umm is that why I did 98369648 internships all around the effing world?!?!

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