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Sweet Tweets

October 8, 2010

8th Edition.

Twitter, twitter, dearest twitter… so wise and so insightful.

Here are the Sweet Tweets this week:

@EnjoyMeetings: 5 clues your meeting is headed for disaster: 1,,). Everyone from the CEO to the office intern has been invited.

@InterviewGoofs: Jen: I know it’s hot out there but the job you’re interviewing for is executive assistant, not lifeguard.

@prsnicketypenny: Our German Intern is so funny. “I’m looking for a little piece of paper that is sticky on the back.” “A post-it?” “Yes?”

@lennyvenny: Today I got to say: NO, I CANNOT PUT MORE DATA FROM SPREAD SHEETS INTO EXCEL FOR YOU! NO! It was exciting. #intern #finallyassignedtoproject

@LalalaMo: For the record: It is a STEREOTYPE that all #interns are pros at @Microsoft Excel. #HELP!

@zurcherart: @russellquinn Do you need another intern? I’ve been practicing my envelope sealing skills. Postage application as well

@christina_mule: Standing around, glued to my phone, trying to look more important than I am #intern

@teeneyteeney: We need a new office intern to eat all the M&M’s I pick out of the trail mix.

@coreymintz: Problem with an intern is you can’t say “You have failed me for the last time” and throw them into your piranha moat.

@stevegreer: Unnecessarily in love with FBI shows where the agent types “cross-reference records” and the computer magically does the work of 20 interns.

@naomisoxy: Work today was… Fun with the interns, not so with the supervisor


@juliatoscano: renting santa suits. of course i’m the #intern

@seanieboyy6: Presenting 2 an entire room full of macho str8 men bout mens sexual health w/ posters of half naked men sure made my day #health4men #intern

@LuzDeGh: buh buh buh buh buh blogging!!!! #internship

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