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Sweet Tweets

October 15, 2010

no. 9

Tweets. Sweet. Sweet Tweets!

@Amateurian: I need an intern. Like a free assistant. Maybe I just need a wife. Will have to talk the Mr. into that one.

@Beckyayay: I love catching the interns IM & posting on facebook. The panic of Alt+Tabbing is hilarious!

@Bobbyhundreds: Ask our interns, I put the “mentor' in tormentor'.

@Legacy718: I don’t understand these interns don’t wanna get coffee… whats with that?

@Lulu1080: Walked into the hall and was almost run over by some runners – Me: “You are the new interns huh?'  Them: “Obvious?'

@Hellocorrine: Interns are made of tough stuff! One was just revived and wheeled out of the building on an office chair by a handful on EMTs.

@Derekpurple: Currently looking for interns to handwash my boxer briefs and brush my teeth… AT THE SAME TIME.

@Chelly_Vara: @KRiMKiLLA my job is crazy. Literally! And no.. we don’t have interns…maybe in the future when more people start going crazy we will!

@joyfullyhan: BEST BEST BEST DAY OF INTERNS THUS FAR IN ALL OF MY TWO YEARS TODAY! if i was 95 years old i would STILL cough up the bucks to be an intern!

@AshrellaDeWill: Fired my intern yesterday. Today though, I am kinda missing the ‘helping hand.

@AndrewJKracht: There might be a new intern? Yay! Less abuse on me! :-,,) #trueadminstories

@PlumWillow: Best intern quote ever: “I’m unusually chipper today. I’m channeling my inner Disney princess.”

@Devoya: yesterday, for no apparent reason, the intern stepped away from tabling at an event and broke out with the electric slide.

@StaceyHope: On this lunch episode of the intern life: catered lunch and company bingo, haha!

@amarieh: Today at work I got a desk and an email address. I feel like a fancy #intern now!

@mistylaing: Eating bugs, giving out chzbrgrs, jumping in pools, crazy driving, and pumpkin carving= a free trip to six flags.fright.fest!.#intern love


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