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The Tale of the “Lob City” Intern

March 20, 2012

Tracey Lincoln is a graduating Senior at Loyola Marymount University. Her professional experience includes working as a Marketing intern for, Executive Store Intern for Target, Fan Relations intern for the Los Angels Clippers and various other positions. She loves pancakes and bacon, and her ultimate dream is for education in America to be afforded equally to all children. To connect with Tracey go to

Tracey LincolnBy Tracey Lincoln

I’m back in action, and this time, I’m doing it while proudly interning for one of the NBA’s most exciting teams – the Los Angeles Clippers! I’m going to tell you about my Lob City journey.

With the NBA lockout looming over the fans heads, many NBA teams still had hope for an agreement, and a season. After researching available positions, I found out that the Clippers had a few positions open, so I applied for the Fan Relations intern position. After a long and intense group interview, I got the call that I got the internship! I was thrilled!

Shortly after I was hired, the lockout was over, and our boys were finally allowed to play. We acquired CP3, Billups and Butler, and suddenly the once thought “cursed” Clippers, became an instantaneous west coast powerhouse.

320px Los Angeles Clippers logoInterviewing for the Los Angeles organization has been amazing. Having an incredible love for basketball and people, being able to assist in coordinating and executing events for fans has been awesome. I’ve learned do much about the importance of fan support, and how it can drastically affect the outcome of a game. I work every home game, and before this experience I had no idea how much work goes into the production of a game. It’s amazing!

For all of you sports lovers who want to intern for a professional sports team, I suggest logging onto the careers section of the teams website, and applying to your desired position. While many students apply to these internships, do not be discouraged! You’d be surprised by what can happen 😉

Thanks Tracey, we love hearing from our former interns! If you have a passion for sports, check out these internship listings.

If  you had to pick one, which professional sports team would you intern for? Let us know in the comments below.

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Jack Hartman April 17, 2012 at 2:22 am

Thanks for sharing your wonderful story! now I feel more inspired and will consider applying even though I don't feel that self-confident…


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