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Tracey’s Angle: Why Is Networking So Important?

September 21, 2010

Hey all,

During these developmental years in your life, it is extremely important to network with your peers and anyone and everyone that you meet. Get to know your professors more that what they share with you in class.  Have lunch with a study group from a few of your classes.  Share the stresses of your week with a few ladies or gents from your hall. Networking simply means making contact and exchanging information with other people.  Not only can one of these people lend you a helping hand when you need one (getting a job or telling you who to talk to for something that you want), but he or she can also act as a support system when you need it most.

I’ve got a hypothetical situation for you. You’re in the library at school, and you realize that you have five minutes to print out a paper, and you have to run all the way across campus to get to class on time. You go to the printer, and you notice that this girl is struggling with the machine.  You’re extremely irritated, and look at your phone and tell yourself that you had to be gone ten minutes ago!  So what do you do- grab the girl by her backpack and print your paper, or help her out, and wait until she’s done?

It should be option number two, and let me tell you why-you never know who you’re talking to! When in college, or high school for that matter,we typically fail to realize that the environment that we attend classes in is a harvesting ground for bright and intellectual people. When I came to college,I gravitated towards friends who were like me, and wanted to do great things after college.

Who knows where I’ll end up when I’m older, but I do know that now I have a great network of peers and professionals on my side.

Until next time,


— Tracey L.

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