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Tracey’s Angle: How To Create Your Personal Brand

September 28, 2010

When you think of the word ‘Target’, ‘McDonald’s’ or ‘Burger King’ images of their brand automatically pop up into your head- the red and white target symbol, the golden arches, and the king.  Companies like these have been building their brands for years, and coincidentally, so have you!  That’s right, you! Your personal brand is something that can make or break you getting a job, which can ultimately guide your career path.

You’re probably wondering what “personal branding' is- personal branding helps to define who you are, why you are amazing, and why you need to be sought out or hired.  Building your personal brand is all about building a name for yourself, and cleaning up your cyber image. Here are a few tips to clean up your cyber brand…

Facebook– Make sure that your Facebook account is searchable, this means having your first and last name both present in your display name (with no additives).  Be sure to spell your name correctly,and to untag yourself from any inappropriate pictures. Utilize the “Info' tab,and list some of your interests and jobs.

Blog– Do you have a blog? You do, well what do you write about?  Make sure to keep the content of your blog appropriate, and grammar and spelling mistake free.

LinkedIn– If you do not have a LinkedIn page, you should get one! It may be the first thing that shows up when an employer Google’s your name. Be sure to fill out your LinkedIn profile completely.  It serves as a virtual resume, and list of recommendations. So take advantage of what the service has to offer!

YouTube – Be sure that your name isn’t tagged in any videos that are not appropriate on YouTube. You wouldn’t want any potential employers judging you before they meet to you.

Chances are, that if an employer likes your resume and/or cover letter, they’ll Google you before they reply to your job request. Cover your tracks online by cleaning up your cyber image.

Until next time, promote yourself well!


Tracey Lincoln

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