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Tracey’s Angle: How to juggle an internship and your midterm exams

October 20, 2010

Attention college students- It’s about that time of the year again…midterm season.  Every academic year, around the middle of the semester, or quarter, college students everywhere are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of pressure to do well on midterm exams and papers. On top of this stressful chain of occasions, they must also continue to perform well at any internship(s) that they may have!

Often times around this time of year, I find myself wondering how I’m going to fit in three times more of the study time into my currently jam packed schedule. Before I was introduced to the beauty of time management, I would have said that packing in more study time was impossible, and that there aren’t enough hours in a day. Here are a few tips to manage your time wisely…

  • Buy a planner/agenda! Having a book to write down all of your homework, meetings, work schedule, etc. can make it easy to stay organized.
  • ite it down! Once you receive all of your syllabi for your classes, write down every exam,quiz,and due date for assignments in your agenda/planner. Knowing what you have to do ahead of time will help eliminate your probably consistent pattern of procrastination.
  • Set phone alarms! For all of those who are addicted to their phones, try inputting important exam and term paper dates as reminders in your cell phone.  Set the alarm for a week or two before the exam or paper is due, and you’ll be reminding to start writing it, or to start studying.
  • Let your internship or job know that it’s exam season! In most cases, you’re the company that you intern with will know that you’re in college. If they are understanding (let’s hope that they are) they’ll appreciate you letting them know that exam season has shifted your focus, and that you may need to cut down the amount of hours that you dedicate to the job for a few weeks, or that you have to pass a task to someone else. You’d be surprised by what simply letting your job know about this stressful time can do for you.

Midterm season may be rough, but with a little help from your organizer and your internship, you’ll be sure to ace those tests and papers as they come!

Until next time, adios!


Tracey L.

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