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Tracey’s Angle: How to keep your resume updated

November 9, 2010

Your resume is the premier document that sums up who you are as an employee, and what you have done. Typically, it is the first thing that an employer sees when you apply to an internship and/or job. Keeping your resume updated regularly does not need to be a bothersome task.

Have you looked at your objective statement lately? Pick apart your objective statement, and make sure that it lists all new skills and attributes that you’ve acquired since your resume was last updated.

If your resume is missing internships or jobs that you’ve had, be sure to add those as soon as possible! After all, every real world work experience that you’ve had assisted in developing who you are today. Letting potential employers know about these positions can assist them in making a decision whether or not to hire you.

Also, your resume should keep industry-specific jargon constantly updated.  Employers like to see that you know what you’re talking about, and inputting buzzwords that are specific to their industry can be helpful in letting employers know that you do.

Always remember, you can never edit your resume too much. Having your friends, professors, and others check your resume for clarity, grammatical errors,and spelling mistakes will always improve your resume. Also,making sure that the dates listed on your resume are coherent and correct is very important.

Simply put, as soon as you acquire a new skill or a new position, update your resume with said skill and/or position.

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Tracey L.

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