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Tracey’s Angle: How to plan for your summer internship NOW

October 26, 2010

Hey all!

If you consider yourself to be a planner like I do, then you’ve already started to think about what you plan on doing next summer. If you aren’t thinking ahead of time, then I suggest that you should! Before you know it, the fall semester will be over, and the Spring semester will be well under way. Now whether you plan on studying abroad over the summer, going to summer school, or spending your afternoons by the pool or at the beach, you can still make a summer internship a part of your experience. Here are a few ways how…

Study Abroad? Experiencing the culture of another country for a long period of time is exciting, and can be a valuable experience in your journey of self-development. Just imagine interning in another country with a company in the field of your choice. International job experience will give you a first hard look into the operations of a specific job field wherever you are. Start your internship search with your school’s study abroad program, and ask if they’re aware of any internships available where you’re going. Then search online for open opportunities and let those companies know who you are, and that you will be there studying over the summer and will be applying soon.

Going to summer school? Understandably, you’re probably going to be busy taking classes next summer, and that will take up most of your time. But what will you be doing during your free time? Fill that time with internship experience and get more out of your summer! The beauty of planning ahead is that you can map out your time effectively. If an internship requires you to be available 2 or 3 days a week, then you can take classes on alternate days. Multitasking next summer will be the key task for you, and managing your time wisely will help you execute your work successfully.

Relaxing by the pool? Let’s face it, you’re been working your butt off all school year, and the time for relaxation is well deserved, but what will you do with the excess amount of free time? Start searching companies that you’re really interested in interning with, and investigate ways to make them aware of your presence. By attending a few of their workshops, or making them aware of your interest in them early, when the time comes to apply for an internship position they may be more inclined to offer you a position.

All in all, relaxing is cool, but make it the most out of your time and intern next summer!


Tracey L.

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