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Tracey's Angle – Virtual Internships

January 18, 2011

In the age of cyber communities, it’s no surprise that companies have started to higher virtual interns. From my personal experience as a virtual intern, I have learned that now a days, what you do at work, you can definitely do at home. Emailing, instant messaging, and social networking sites make it extremely easy to complete the tasks that you would in the office at home.

My internship with began this summer, and I worked full-time in the office. I loved all that I did, and I knew that leaving would be difficult. My Fall semester began at the end of August, and by July, my supervisors and I had already decided that I would be continuing my internship, but it would turn into a virtual internship.

Before begin the virtual internship,my supervisors and I sat down to discuss the terms of the internship. We took a close look at my class and school work schedule,and created time slots that I would be working from home. We wanted to created slots that were set in stone so that I would be reachable to the office. About fifteen hours were set up, with a bit of flexibility on these hours due to things that may come up. After about three or four weeks into the semester, I began to realize that these hours were not going to work consistently with my schedule. I talked it over with my supervisors, and they agreed to make the slots more flexible. I ended up working on my projects whenever I could. Instead of working every day, all of my projects had deadlines, and I got them done by these deadlines. I found that working within this system, I was far more productive, and I got things done in a timely fashion.

As a college student, my time is extremely limited. I am the Vice-President of an on-campus club, I have got two on-campus jobs, and not to mention a full load of classes and homework. Having virtual internship allowed me to still take advantage of this opportunity, and not fall behind in all of my classes. has got tons of virtual internships posted on their site. Check them out!


Tracey L.

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