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Infographic: The Overwhelming Demand for Digital and Technical Skills

July 16, 2014 and General Assembly, an institution that empowers individuals to pursue work they love through instruction and opportunity in technology, business and design, have released new data on graduates entering the workforce and the digital and technical skills employers are looking for in the war for talent.

Should colleges & universities be doing more for their students?

  • Only 44% of students feel well prepared or very prepared by their college or university in digital or technical skills
  • 31% of students said their schools don’t offer, or they are unaware of courses, that encourage the development of digital or technical skills
  • 52% of students think more practical skills development – including digital and technical skills – should be required

“With technology and digital media driving much of today’s fast changing economy, there is a strong demand for people with technical skills and a practical understanding of business,” said Jake Schwartz, co-founder and CEO, General Assembly

However, there is still reason for optimism and through more exposure to relevant digital and technical skills via online and offline courses, both through formal and informal environments, students can take steps to bridge the skills gap on their own.

79% of employers consider nontraditional credentials when evaluating candidates for entry-level positions; indeed, 40.5% would consider digital badges, certificates from open courseware, or certifications in relevant skills in place of a bachelor’s degree.

Check out our infographic, “Closing the Skills Gap” to see more highlights from the survey of students and employers: + General Assembly Infographic: Closing the Skills Gap

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